Meet The Team

Here at Kick Mental Health, our dedicated team of individuals share a common passion for using football as a powerful tool for improving mental well-being and fostering a sense of community. Get to know the people behind our mission.

Ally Bingham

Founder of Kick Mental Health


I started KMH back in October 2019 through in Lanark as a way of helping people get out the house, keep mentally and physically healthy but most of all give them a place they feel comfortable enough to come along and open up about issues they have been struggling with and over the past 4 years I think that is exactly what we have been able to create for people within the local areas we operate in. Being able to watch people grow from session to session is one of the most special parts about running this group, we see people come to us at their lowest and we see them not just grow in confidence but we watch them grow as a person.

The past 4 years I feel very privileged to have been able to make a difference and help people that have felt comfortable enough to put trust in us when they felt they had nobody else. If over these past 4 years we have been able to help on person then it’s all been worth it.

Robbie Lithgow

Supportive Team Member


In 2019, I was going through the toughest period of my life. When Ally started KMH, it was a no brainer to get involved and 5 years on, I can safely say this group saved my life.

As someone who struggles speaking out when I’m feeling low, the football sessions are the perfect therapy to see me through the week. You can drop all your worries for an hour playing the game you love with a group of great people and I couldn’t recommend it enough to everyone.

Jay Forrest

Supportive Team Member


Originally got involved with KMH as an attendee as a was trying to get fitter and lose weight and deal with my physical health. So playing regular football was perfect it’s really improved my life in doing so.

Then Ally promoted me to start helping out with sessions and it’s been a part of my weekly routine since. Seeing peoples confidence grow week to week is what’s most enjoyable in being a part of KMH.

Watching small friendship groups come together outwith the sessions is good to see. It’s been some journey at KMH so far and can’t wait to see what for us and the attendees in the future.

Finlay Morrice

Supportive Team Member


I got involved because joining such a group can provide a safe space to discuss and support each other with mental health challenges related to the sport. It’s a positive step towards promoting mental well-being in the context of your passion for football.

I enjoy it because of multiple reasons, it’s a shared passion which makes it easy to engage with participants, it’s a supportive environment welcome to all abilities so it’s completely nonjudgmental, alongside the fact that you can see participants become more and more involved over the passing weeks.

Callum Richardson

Creative Designer and Contributor


I initially got involved with Kick Mental Health when I saw Ally looking for someone to make the group a logo, I reached out and got one sorted. It was a few weeks later Ally was going to be bringing the actual group sessions through from Lanark to West Lothian, so decided it would be ideal to start this on a Monday night.

Initially I felt very overwhelmed that first week however the other participants made me feel so welcomed with messages of support, that I now look to use to motivate others I’ve personally enjoyed working with Ally and the rest of the team behind the scenes with the ideas for socials, and putting the ideas to life with imagery and videos.

Watching people grow from week to week at the sessions is a huge benefit to the guys involved, that give up free time after work, and the only payment we get is other peoples smiles.